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The Ultimate Kitchen & Bath Sales Platform

Close more sales with the #1 online lead generation, design and instant quoting software for the kitchen and bath industry.

Put the Power of Project Design And Quoting

in the hands of consumers

Quote Countertops’ online design and quoting software transforms how consumers shop and buy kitchen and bathroom renovation projects.

Put the Power of Project Design And Quoting

in the hands of consumers

Quote Countertops’ online design and quoting software transforms how consumers shop and buy kitchen and bathroom renovation projects.

Sell projects online 24/7

  • Easily integrate our powerful sales and marketing platform into your website, social media and digital advertising.

  • Transform your online presence into a 24/7 e- commerce platform.

  • Our web-based technology works on all devices and screens.

  • No app or download needed.

Consumers are buying kitchen and bathrooms online. If you're not selling online, you're losing money.

Quote Countertops is the pioneer in online design and quoting for the kitchen and bathroom industry.

Our software provides a full e-commerce shopping experience to consumers. Consumers are empowered to design and buy your products following your unique quoting process.

Say goodbye to spending hours with a customer in your showroom and developing quotes. Say hello to making more money, faster with less effort!

Collect contact information and close more deals

Our award-winning visualization and instant quoting software allows you to collect prospects’ contact information, convert leads and close more sales faster! Features such as two-step phone verification and auto-connect help you reach the right customer faster.

Instant Quoting Made Easy

Quoting a kitchen or bathroom project doesn’t have to be difficult. It also doesn’t need to take hours or days.

With Quote Countertops’ instant quoting software we make instant quoting easy. Our software is fully customizable. You control what you sell, how you sell, and the price point. Each product can be customized with additional images and descriptions to help consumers through the buying journey.

  1. You provide your product list and pricing

  2. Our team builds your instant quoting tool using your supplied information

  3. Our team provides a one-on-one onboarding (software use and customization training)

  4. Your team further customizes the software by updating product descriptions and uploading image galleries

  5. Our team continues to support your success with ongoing software support, sales training and marketing support

An easy platform where anyone can design, shop and buy their dream kitchen and bathroom online

Our innovative software was designed with the average consumer in mind. The point and click technology allows consumers to easily customize their design, select desired products, measure their countertop space and create an instant quote.

Let your customers build their dream room and instant quote while you build your business.

Consumers are buying kitchen and bathrooms online. If you're not selling online, you're losing money.

Research shows that consumers want to know what the project will look like, how much the project will cost and when the project will be completed early in the sales cycle.

Thanks to our integrated visualizer and instant quoting software, consumers can quickly see their dream room come to life and instantly get an estimate for their project.

  1. Consumers customize their dream room using our award winning visualizer software

  2. As consumers design, they add desired products into their online shopping cart

  3. Consumers provide desired quantities, enter known total square footage, or use our integrated square foot calculator Quotes are instantly built and visible in their shopping cart

  4. Consumers save design and quote, or proceed to checkout where they can submit payment for a predefined deposit


To have access to the instant quote, consumers must first provide contact information. That information is shared with you and accessible through your CRM login.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Online Design and Shopping Made Simple

E-Commerce Platform with Instant Quotes

Redesign your showroom sales experience

Our innovative software is a game changer for your sales process. Not just for consumers. Sales teams equally benefit from the easy-to-use software working with customers in the showroom, in-home or virtually.

Our Basics plan puts the power of design and quoting in the hands of the consumer. Your sales team receives leads complete and estimates to help close the sale.

Our Enterprise plan goes one step further with fully optimized quoting system to provide precise quotes.

Stop wasting time. Start closing deals.

Attract more customers with our powerful visualization and instant quoting software.

Prospective customers will love engaging in this easy-to-use design software from the comfort of home. And they’ll love seeing a transparent, instant estimate for the project.

The software generates invested leads for your business and streamlines your sales process. Spend more time working with prequalified buyers and avoid undecided buyers who clog up your sales funnel.

Spend quality time with invested consumers and increase sales conversions and profit margins.


Visualizer Tools & Quoting

An e-commerce solution that puts the power of quoting in the hands of the consumer. Let consumers shop from your website or social media platform from any device. No app or download required.

$299 Per Month

Minimum 6-month Agreement 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Unlimited Leads, Quoting & Checkout

A true e-commerce solution for your website, showroom and in-home consultations. Advanced quoting and checkout letting consumers design, quote and buy their
project online. No app or download required.

$499 Per Month

Annual Contract 30 Day Money Back Guarantee




Kitchen Visualization

Bathroom Visualization

Stocked Product Library (5,000+ products)

Product Customization & Management

12 Kitchen Layouts

Multiple Bathroom Layouts

CRM System

12 Kitchen Layouts

CRM System

Phone Verified Leads

Email Notifications

Auto-Dial Leads

Social Media Sharing

Optimized Mobile Experience

Unlimited Leads

Set-up, Onboarding, Training & Technical Support


Instant Quoting Tool

Countertop Calculator

Customization of Quoting Steps

Product Descriptions and Image Galleries


Showroom Transactions1

Home Advisor Integration

Commerce Checkout1

E-Signature Contracts2

Free Dealer Account3

Kiosk Sales and Support

  1. 1.99% Transaction Fee for Online Transactions with Authorize.net
  2. Integration with DocuSign. Native Quote e-sign solution for $1 per contract
  3. Additional dealer accounts $150.00/month (contracts and checkout not included)


Visualizer Tools & Quoting

$299 Per Month

Minimum 6-month Agreement 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The #1 Sales and Marketing Platform for the Kitchen & Bath Industry

Transform your business with our innovative kitchen and bathroom visualization software.

Let the power of our innovative sales and marketing software renovate your tired and outdated sales process. Consult with customers already two-steps through the sales process, closer to a decision to buy!

Empower and engage consumers with our award winning visualization and instant quoting software


Unlimited Leads, Quoting & Checkout

$499 Per Month

Annual Contract 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Renovate your tired showroom sales process

Transform your sales process with our #1 sales and marketing platform. Spend quality minutes with customers and increase the average ticket by 30%.

Insure the best experience by streamlining your sales process. Empower your team to close more business faster by building relationships and closing sales instead of building quotes.

A complete showroom solution to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Simple software. Simple to get started.

Transform how you do business online. Give your prospective customers an engaging experience. Get more leads. See more business. Simple.

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