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Alabama Countertop Quote

Alabama Custom Countertop Stone Fabricators & Installers

When looking for the best countertop fabricators in Alabama, you can instantly calculate the best price available by using Quote Countertops’ patent pending quoting technology. You can easily save time and money bypassing the hassle of multiple appointments and unnecessary in-home consultations.

Rest assured, Quote Countertops partners with the most established licensed marble, granite and stone contractors, fabricators and installers in the state of Alabama. Get the best custom countertop quotes when you go direct with Quote Countertops.

Alabama Marble, Granite & Stone Fabricators: What You Need To Know

The Alabama State Licensing Board for General Contractors has been licensing and regulating commercial and industrial contractors since 1935. Alabama state law requires that all marble, granite and stone contractors, fabricators and installers have an up-to-date general contractor’s license when working on residential projects costing $10,000 or more (including labor and materials) and commercial/industrial projects costing $50,000 or more (including labor and materials).

To verify current licensure for Alabama general contractors, call 334-242-2839 or 334-272-5030, or visit the licensing board’s website or the Home Builders Licensure Board’s website (HBLB).

While contractors are required to have a license if the job meets the $10,000 or $50,000 requirement, it’s up to the awarding authority to verify licensure before allowing him to submit a bid. If a subcontract is awarded to an unlicensed contractor and work is allowed to begin, both parties are in violation of the law and subject to penalties.

Source: http://www.contractors-license.org/al/alabama.html

There are 184 granite, marble, and natural stone fabricators licenses issued in the state of Alabama. Contractors licensed in Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana will have Reciprocity if they have been licensed for three consecutive years with the same classification they are seeking in Alabama and go through the necessary steps to get an Alabama license.

The purpose of Alabama’s license requirements for companies and individuals to provide stone countertop fabrication and installation is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public. Conduct reference checks and be sure countertop fabricators/installers carry the necessary workers’ comp and general liability insurance.

Source: http://genconbd.alabama.gov/Default.aspx

Alabama Granite Countertops

Select from an incredible array of granite types, from the popular Alpine White to the exotic Brass Blue granite. Our Alabama fabricators and installers all have years of experience in the area providing quality customer service.  Save money by getting quotes direct from Alabama fabricators in your area. No need for home visits, appointments, or waiting for hours or days to receive a price quote for your custom countertop job. We offer hundreds of varieties of granite from our Alabama granite fabricator partners including top sellers such as:


Alabama Marble Countertops

The timeless beauty and elegance of Marble cannot be understated. QuoteCountertops works with experienced Marble fabricators in the state of Alabama.  QuoteCountertops offers dozens of varieties of marble slabs from our service providers in Alabama, including these popular varieties and colors.


Alabama Quartz Countertops

An affordable and beautiful natural stone, quartz is an increasingly popular option for kitchen and bath makeovers. QuoteCountertops only works with experienced quartz installers and fabricators.  QuoteCountertops offers dozens of varieties of Quartz across 7 colors in the Alabama area including:


Alabama Types Available in Alabama


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